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The most comprehensive single-volume guide to American literature.
A guide to history, terms, and concepts.

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Rare Days in Lost Valley: The Bellwether University Book of Universal Truths
Beginning in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the narrative moves to an academic convention at a small college in Ohio, where scholars vie for intellectual attention, academic advancement, and love. The plot features an underemployed Ph.D., an eminent scholar in disguise, a well-meaning imposter, A Chinese innkeeper, a bumbling college president, a pit bull, and a cigar store Indian. Fraud and confusion abound.

In addition to hardbound and paperback distribution, RARE DAYS is now available as an E-Book.

Stones Stand, Waters Flow
STONES STAND, WATERS FLOW is a memoir of change and endurance. The Perkins farm, where the author spent his early years, had sheltered Hancock and Adams in their 1775 flight from Lexington. The authorís life there was enriched by history and by legends of his English, Scottish, Welsh, French, and Indian ancestors. The years from 1930 to 1950 also included economic depression, wartime, and a motherís breakdown.

Available as a traditional hardbound or paperback and now as an E-Book.

The HarperCollins Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature
2nd edition, HarperCollins, 2002, George Perkins, Barbara Perkins, and Phillip Leininger.

A Book-of-the-Month Club and Quality Paperback Book Club selection in its first edition, this is the most comprehensive single-volume guide to the literature of the United States, and the only one that also includes entries for Canada, Latin American, and the Caribbean.

The Harper Handbook to Literature
2nd edition, Longman, 1997. Northrop Frye, Sheridan Baker, George Perkins, and Barbara Perkins.

A guide to literary history, terms, and concepts, in alphabetical order from Abbey Theatre and Abecedarius to Zeugma and Zoom Shot.

Women's Work
McGraw-Hill, 1994. Barbara Perkins, Robyn Warhol, and George Perkins.

A complete introduction to the literature of American women in anthology form, from colonial times to the present.

Kaleidoscope: Stories of the American Experience
Oxford, 1993. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins.

A multicultural reader that gathers diaries, histories, autobiographies, short stories, and excerpts from novels to provide a history of immigration and acculturation from the 16th to the 20th century.

Contemporary American Literature
Random House, 1988. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins.

A survey of fiction, poetry, and drama from the late 1940s through the four decades that ended with the 1980s, encompassing the changes of the postwar years, the upheaval of the sixties, and the new voices of the decade before the 1990s turned its attention to millennial concerns.